How to not get lost? We all goes through thousands of things coming our way in which some are tough to deal with and some are easy. Somewhere we win and somewhere we learn. But the moment of time when we don’t get the energy or positive intention to hustle is the worst.

What if there is a strategy to deal with this? What if i say, you can stay positive every moment and get constant energy to hustle. No gaps, no pressure & no stress. What that life will mean to you? Incredible and epic! Isn’t it!?

Yes, It is possible and it is what we are going to learn through this video, audio and written format. Which ever suits you the best, we will provide you the value for your attention. Let’s learn from how to not get lost?

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Following the correct routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Conclusion based on the routine

1. Following the correct routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner

First thing which helps your mind and body to work is the energy which comes directly through food. In the vlog, i have shared my personal routine with you. Overall if i can deliver in text, have awesome dinner from 8pm-8.30pm , hustle hard in night. Get 6 hours of good sleep.

Wake up early in the morning is mandatory, first win of the day. Following up that win with hustle in the morning, i write blogs which gives me confidence that i learnt something new today. Then get fresh and maximum upto 9am you have to get healthiest breakfast which will buy your next 4-5 hours of the day hustle.

This is major part of your day which can drive it to win or lose. Have good breakfast, hustle 4-5 hours with full guts and carry on with another lunch at 1-2pm.

This fills you up for the entire day!

Amazing turn of events, you will realise the insane energy and your maximum potential to work either in what you love or you don’t in case you have responsibilities.

2. Conclusion based on the routine

You just got the best technique or hidden strategy behind my productive hard work. Now it’s time to implement. Until you don’t apply things in your life, you don’t learn. If you won’t learn, it will behave like another text which excited you, satisfied you and left.

Implement in practicality and be a practitioner. If you want to make your family happy and proud, be responsible and have discipline.

Hope you got to learn the best from how to not get lost? Stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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