Nobody can take away you from yourself, a major value which you should instil in your soul. Whole day life, hard work and clients / family pressure is all fake pressure which can be solved from self awareness.

Now Self awareness is easy to understand but must be backed up with insane amount of self esteem and strengthened with all the major values.

Now one can take away the values you have learnt in the process. Working hard, going through the obstacles and learning from your mistakes. Stealing values that is not what humans can do.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Strengthening the self awareness
  2. Time is the most valuable asset

1. Strengthening the self awareness

Self awareness is something which needs to be strongest in us. Nothing can break through it, no situations, objections, circumstances should be able to break it.

How is it possible?

Know that nobody can takeaway the values which you have learnt in the process. We as a human being is scared of the money in our bank account, amount which we have hard earned.

It’s right but it’s wrong to care about it so much that it scares the living life out of you. It’s not the money which makes you, it’s your capabilities and values which have lead you to this place.

When you know this, you will become more patient. More problem solving because there you will meet your true self and be aware of every single obstacle which comes your way.

2. Time is the most valuable asset

Time is really the most precious thing we all have in common. No money can buy the amazing moments of our life we are wasting being sad now. It’s one life and we have passed the luckiest probability of being a human being. We could be a sleeper, a mat, a towel, a toothbrush anything.

But we are human being. Know what you are and be happy about everything you have in your life and stop wasting time in what you are not. We have to build our self our mouth wants. If you have the audacity to work hard 18 hours a day, you can do anything you say you can.

But it’s true it’s not easy that’s why it’s a 1% thing.

Hope you got to learn the best from nobody can take away you from yourself, Stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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