Three major values which will make your day, it’s a commitment. A long hustle daytime where you have to show all the skills you learn and every single bit of talent for some client or your company etc. In this duration, how you can be most happy and therefor productive?

What are the major habits which if you follow in your daily routine, you can just grab every opportunity which comes your path. You can hustle, learn even after your long day hustle. Life starts when you do what you love to do when you love to do it.

This vlog is specially for the people hustling for their dreams, working hard in the daytime or having an intent to do something in life.

Topics covered

  1. Two time food, count on your energy
  2. Learn from your yesterday mistakes
  3. Be excited for your consistency and hard work

1. Two time food, count on your energy

I would do anything to stick this truth in your heart that your energy is your ultimate weapon for happiness in life. Never take the energy for granted.

You trade energy with life. Energy comes from food, food comes from hard earned money, money comes from double hard work and hard work in your own interest gives you happiness and patience in life.

We all have 18 hours to hustle in a day, now how we spend and what we do after the 12 hours hustle is what speaks for itself.

Always remind your soul to have either good dinner or nice tummy fulfilling breakfast in the morning. Second is the lunch which is most mandatory.

2. Learn from your yesterday mistakes

We all are human beings and our brains are not developed to it’s fullest potential until we do things which we don’t know or never felt or never experienced. This trains our brain and help it learn and grow.

If we commit any mistake, never shy away from it. Blame yourself but also don’t feel ashamed for anything. You committed mistake due to the fact that you don’t know or it was not good according to you.

It was your choice and never neglect what comes your heart since it’s your values, dna and it’s never wrong. Things is world doesn’t think the way you think, doesn’t mean you are wrong.

But also you need to be self aware, you will learn and figure out what’s right and what’s wrong by yourself. Your respect in your soul and heart for yourself will increase to maximum potential once you accept the blame, learn and be more wise.

Learn from your mistakes, never repeat it again and try keeping up with the consistency because that’s what you love to do.

3. Be excited for your consistency and hard work

Many of us gets excited for something which is going to happen. It can be an event, some special appearance, any function etc. It is biggest mistake when we give our throne of happiness to something else and overexpect from it.

What it does is it wakes up the emotional hustle from us and when that event is over, a phase of deep sadness and depression comes which shows us the reality that it is fake hard work and that’s not what we are.

Better do little work everyday, keep improving and keep up with the consistency. This helps you be excited for your own hardwork and dedication towards your hustle.

When you expect something from your self and you do 10 times more and you do it everyday, the respect you have for your self is amazing. You will feel the happiness every moment of your life.

Hope you got to learn the best from Three major values which will make your day, Stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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