Night Rain and vlog values of 10th July 2021. Yesterday i made quite a bit mistakes which i would love to share in this blog and today i worked hard to cope up with those mistakes.

It feels so good when i compete with my own self and work harder, learn more than what i did yesterday. I self realise what mistakes i make and i try my best to not repeat them again.

Journey man vlog which you can go thorough, all positive vibes and love.

Keypoints from the vlog

  1. Mistakes i made, list of each one.
  2. Self awareness and learning from mistakes is ultimate strength

1. Mistakes i made, list of each one.

It’s really fascinating and i love when i accept my mistakes and work twice harder the next day.

Few activities which i realised should never be done if they are not in control :

  • Never open social media if you don’t know how to use it
  • Never ever miss your dinner / breakfast

Social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, facebook and many others is full of content. People sharing good vibes also people sharing insecurities and flashy things. It’s way to easy to get negative, blur, lost in the world of social media.

You need your strong mind-set and unbelievable respect for your work ethics to wake you up the instant it seems you are drowning in social media.

Everyone must learn “how to use social media” before thinking to open it.

Two times good food is mandatory. You trade energy for every action you perform. Energy comes from the food you eat and for food you need money.

Money is made by the hustle, amount of hardwork you do consistently with patience in life. So ultimately you need to be very sure and confident in your decisions of where you need to invest that hard earned energy.

Have awesome dinner so you can hustle with awareness in the daytime or if you missed dinner then in any condition, you need to have good food before 11am in the morning. That’s how you will get positive thoughts and result oriented hard work.

2. Self awareness and learning from mistakes is ultimate strength

Being self aware and accepting your mistakes is a big strength. We all are humans and we all commit mistakes doesn’t mean we have to stay there.

Life shows down fall only when you have dreams to become something in life and you need to be worth of what you want. to build your self into a personality which deserves what you dream, situations happen.

Blame yourself for every single thing, accept the mistakes, find the solution and help people achieve greater heights in life. When you start accepting your mistakes, life becomes exciting. You learn and work more harder than yesterday. Never skipping on consistency is what helped me a lot yet. It’s lovely and i proud on it everymoment.

Hope you got all the positive lovely vibes from Night Rain and vlog values, Stay tuned for more upcoming valuable vlogs.


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