My startup will be better, a thought which comes in everyone’s mind when working for somebody else in this market. Either for a client, job profile or in any situation. Thought is good until it converts into bad ego.

Many of us used to think like this, it’s very normal. Human psychology is inherited from grand parents and ancestors. It travels from dna to dna.

But it is in our hands to learn values, make improvements in our selves and give good values to upcoming generation.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. I can do it better
  2. I can sell the product to anyone

1. I can do it better

Having a thought of improving somebody’s lifestyle, solve the problems, start your own business is absolutely normal and winning nature. But being at the same spot and developing bad ego, hate inside one self is vulgar.

If you think you can give more results, but you can’t just because it is not your company than you are insecure. It’s poisonous to think like one. Believe me, it is not a quality which you should live and roam around with. ( You are reading My startup will be better from happiness prime )

It’s lovely and a blessed situation which you are in right now. You have did a lot of hardwork to be where you are at right now. If you have an opportunity where you can work hard and help people, give it your best.

Put your 200% in every work, take all the responsibilities, do all the productive work and give results.

Your actions should prove your worth. Put in the hard wok and be mentally aware in every situation during day time.

2. I can sell the product to anyone

Why would anyone do that? Just to prove they can play with someone’s feeling and get financial benefit from them? Or to show how much insecure and lazy one is?

One who don’t need your product won’t buy your product. Now if you have some insane sales skills where you can manipulate a person to do anything you want, you should never use it this way.

If a person don’t want anything, that’s a no. Be hyper active, this world is huge and there are more than 8 billion people on this planet.

You have to build more lead sources and get more people to know you and your product. Higher and wider is the visibility, the one who thinks your product can bring a change in their life, they will approach you.

Hope you got to learn the best from My startup will be better, stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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