Last line of defence, values to be accountable and be responsible for everything is diamond. Many people does plenty amount of hard work in the day time. Lots of pressure, clients, customers, coding bugs, mental pressure and many other things.

Most of us lives a normal life and choose to go home and rest and enjoy with family and have fun after the so called hard work. It’s good, it’s perfect life. But you need to know that it is the stability path.

If you stop learning, putting in the work in double shift to learn something extra apart from the routine then that’s going to stop your growth. When learning is stopped, there is no more increment in the finance growth.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Blaming our self for every situation in life
  2. Social media consumption need high awareness

1. Blaming our self for every situation in life

When we blame our self, we realise there is nobody else to held accountable. We take the responsibility and we get it done.

You know when you have the work you can do it 10 times more quicker then asking somebody else to do it.

Being responsible and understanding that you are the last line of defence then you do it by your self.

2. Social media consumption need high awareness

If you use social media, you need to realise it produces a chemical in body which is known as insecurities. Once it’s developed people try to show off and get love, appreciation and good comments or try to show what they have.

It is more of a human mentality that everyone love to do what they see in videos or learn from surroundings.

We all are biggest copy cats and we learn from our surroundings. Always try to have insane amount of self awareness even if you pick your phone up you should realise how worst or how good it is to open any platform and consume content.

Hope you got to learn best from Last line of defence, stay tuned for more upcoming values.


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