Learn to keep your heart calm is an amazing skill which will help you forever in your life. Everyday we goes through many tough situations in life, exciting circumstances and just after that it feels so lonely and boring that only thing our brain tells us is to sleep.

When you miss out on your daily schedule, routine and consistency, it is seen in many people that it’s demotivating factor.

Breaking the consistency is the biggest factor of demotivation. Confidence comes when you have knowledge and consistency in your field. When you know what you do is what you are made for and nobody is doing it more consistently and harder then you.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Learn to keep your heart calm in every situation
  2. Everyday add something to your values and knowledge box

1. Learn to keep your heart calm in every situation

Today i felt so deep pain above my eyebrows in my forehead and all i had in my mind is to just go sleep. I make Hprime videos daily about the values i learn everyday and i never miss it. That’s what gave me reason to make it today also. No matter what.

It is hurting but still i put my phone on charge and when i closed my eyes, i felt the pain. As the heart calm down when i took deep breathe, it felt like pain is fading away. I tweeted about this fact and i also claimed it in the video today. H61prime video where you will get to learn more about consistency.

The perks of being consistent in life is all time happiness and confidence.

2. Everyday add something to your values and knowledge box

Always be prepared to touch ground tomorrow. Anything can happen. Never overvalue the money, outside affirmations, insecurities and bad vibes from the enviornment. Always be self aware that anything can happen.

If you work for money, you will never grow in life. Work for knowledge, everyday learn something new, add something to your knowledge box. Never share your secreastes with anyone in life. Some way or the other it can go worse.

Be more valuable and more informational with practical knowledge everyday. Live to learn not to earn.

Hope you got to learn best from Learn to keep your heart calm, stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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