If you ever thought the hustle version of you is lost somewhere and how to bring old you back? This blog is for you. It’s very funny to listen but when it happens in reality, we often think we were the same person achieving the results than what’s changed?

Why now we are not able to produce that kind of results, what unique we were different ? What extra features, extra lines or procedure were following to get the sales done or accomplishing that task. Even salesperson try to listen the recordings with intention that they may find the golden words they used to say to close the sales.

This whole thing is backed by one great pillar that is empathy.

Above i have attached video version for this so if you think in between, it’s enough of the reading you can just watch the video. Afterall you need the results back which you used to do few months, years ago.

Key points from how to bring back your hustle

If you have experienced worst moments in life and somehow due to external situations you lost the older best version of you, here is context for it. Hope it helps you as it helped me be more happier and effective in professional life.

1. Empathy drives happiness which stays life time

Best and easiest way to get the maximum results and not for short term but for long term is to empathetic. When you think for others before you think for yourself, you will always be happy from inside.

Once you are happy, results will be automatically generated since you will be learning new things, inspired, grateful for your opportunities and helping everyone in need.

If your days are really going bad then you have another reason to work hard and implement the gratefulness in the work. For whosoever you do, it’s none of the concern. As long as you are working with full dedication, god always do good things with good people.

2. Worst moments gives the best reasons to stay energetic

You are the most grateful if you went through the worst time in your life. When nobody is there for you and it’s all loneliness, you are blessed to have this kind of time. This makes a person stronger emotionally, gives them the reason to be happy everyday and a desire to make everyone happy around them.

Don’t tell people that you are broke, don’t ask for help, don’t show your worst moments to the world , don’t speak that you are having a weakness or this thing or the other part.

Be self aware and let it drive your actions. Your actions will prove what you are built from inside. How pure you are, how deep your thoughts are, how harsh situations you have been through and how much you want it.

Hope you got to learn the best values from the blog how to bring old you back? Stay tuned for more upcoming values.


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