Many of hard workers who are hustling everyday have this one question in mind, how to keep up with the consistency? This may happen in your career also that the thing which you think you love to do is actually just an illusion not what you love to do for you entire life.

Choosing the one thing and giving 100% is right, very true but if you are actually not interested in that subject after hustling for 30,60,90 days and you are missing out every other day in consistency than it’s not what you love to do.

It was just a thing which was interesting to you, you did, your greed fulfilled and now you don’t love it. Your soul might want to say you that it’s not right to blame that nothing is happening even when you are hustling, you know you ain’t putting efforts since you don’t love to do it.

Topics covered

  1. Key points from How to keep up with the consistency ?
  2. Be aware of the illusion.
  3. Taste everything deeply before saying you figured out.

1. Keypoints from How to keep up with the consistency?

Many of us are not interacting with right people about career advice which leads to illusionistic mind set. What we think we love to do is just because it is secreting more hormones in body and we getting excited. But in reality it is just a waste of time and everybody doing it since it’s easy and takes no real knowledge.

Illusion is very popular amongst kids who are living on their parents money and playing games every single day. It’s not bad but what hurts the most is when they end up scolding their parents and getting mad at them at small things. Illusion with immaturity is one of the worst things i have seen and observed in youngsters these days.

If you have already started living on your own and still not able to keep up with the consistency, second option is Taste everything which you think you are interested in or you might have heard about and always wanted to do. More things you taste, you will get practical knowledge, experience and context on how the things actually works.

2. Be aware of the illusion

It is mandatory to first of all figure out the things which you are doing, will it make your parents proud one day? Will you be able to fulfil all of their dreams, your loved ones dreams and will they be solely able to help you stand on your commitments and promises ?

If the answer is yes, it’s PERFECT! BUT , but you need to do it on your own money. You don’t need to be dependent on your parents or somebody else for the financial support. You need to own your decisions and completely give 100% on them.

how to keep up with the consistency?

It’s worth when you do on your Money rather wasting your parents hard work money.

Think playing games is worth ? Than leave your house, buy a gaming setup, rent a room, prepare the whole streaming background and start playing professionally ON YOUR OWN FEETS.

Relying on your parents for everything and speaking is an illusion of you trying to prove world you know everything which is just making you sad from inside.

2. Taste everything deeply before saying you figured out.

You have to give 100% efforts on what ever things you choose to do and than come to a conclussion. If you are putting all efforts with balancing the major three factor still you are not liking it everyday, than it’s time to move on to another interest and taste more of activities.

Eventually you will figure out what is right for you and what you can do for long term every single day.

Hope you got to learn all the positive values from the video and the blog “How to keep up with the consistency? “, stay tuned for more upcoming valuable blogs.


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