We all have one question in mind when it comes to opportunities, How to overcome our fear? How to not say NO to an opportunity which then is given to somebody else and we feel sad about not saying YES instead of all positive favours.

Whenever we get an opportunity to do something which we have no idea about, we get multiple thoughts amongst which half of our mind gets so excited to perform it but the other half that is the subconscious one says NO instantly because of the fear of never doing before.

A few factors which we will discuss in this blog will bring a big change in your mind set about how you react to different opportunities.

Keypoints from how to overcome our fear?

Regret is an unbelievable sadness and nobody would love to have it when they can’t do something about it.

Believe me, life is long but it is too short if you keep saying no to opportunities. You will never learn because you are not allowing yourself to go in a harsh zone which is actually heaven. Other side of fear, stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing you could possibly think of doing. Overall it can help you become a more valuable individual in market.

1. Why do we say no?

One of the major reasons behind saying no is lack of knowledge and bucket full of fear about what would happen if you say yes and you don’t know what to do and how to do it.

I am here to instil affirmation in you since everything happens for a reason. If god gives you an opportunity , a trouble, a situation then it is to make you a better person in life. So you can learn from it, be more matured and become stronger towards your reasons in life.

how to overcome our fear?

Teach your subconscious to say YES to opportunities. BORN READY!

Lack of knowledge is a good reason to say YES since once you take the responsibility than you will learn, you won’t learn the other way because we never do things when nobody forces us to right? You will get time to prepare for it, knowledge is infinite and nobody knows everything but everybody can learn anything if they are willing to.

Once you affirm the positive instincts you will get from inside , is going to make you unbelievably happy. You are going to learn so many good things which will overall improve your standards in life.

3. It’s about them not about you.

You don’t need to worry about anything. People needs help since they are facing a problem or they have been assigned a task which they need to perform. Out of any xyz conditions they are creating opportunities for you and when you accept them , it should internally makes you a bigger person.

Here you need to have a mentality that it’s about helping them and not trying to prove that you are best. If you help them and their problem is getting solved than definitely you did the best.

Never take the pressure on your self, ask questions, ask as many things to the opposite side and you will notice that people have questions and people have the answers. They just need your affirmation so they can believe an expert before actually believing their own guts.

Getting my point ? Now must be thinking why did you said NO last time right… Don’t worry you will get lots of opportunities in near future. Just stay aware so you don’t miss them.
BE BORN READY BROTHER! Always say YES! Let’s learn, let’s do this. ( Until it is productive, not wasting time and energy)

Hope you got to learn most values from the written and video format about How to overcome our fear? , if there is anything i can help you with let me know in the comments sections, it would mean world to me. Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.


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