Many famous entrepreneurs have quoted this that school failed them and when people reach ahead in their career, they always have this question : Why didn’t they teach me this in school?

School is the place where students spend most of their time while they are at a stage of life where they learn, fill up values in them and get educated. But many schools, lag this one thing of instilling hardship, work ethics and much needed values.

Why didn’t they teach me this in school ? Takeaways

This Blog is going to be all about the things everybody should be taught when they are at school. Values on career choices, how to work hard, truth about expectations, self dependency, work ethics and a lots of much needed education on money.

1. 10 Quick Tips To Save You Tens of Thousands of $

If you spend sometime learning new things, facts and some extra knowledge, like you are reading this blog right now, you can save a lots and lots of money.

In below image you are going to get aware of many possible ways to get your money saved. Not buying things from redit card, purchase last years model of big brands if required, not getting extra insurance, using cash as low as possible, getting gym membership and many more.

Why didn't they teach me this in school? : tips to save money

10 Keypoints to increase your savings by thousands.

2. It’s not as Terrible as it sounds – Develop a Budget

Just opposite of a famous quote which is as much true says : What you don’t measure you can’t manage.

If you want to save more money, be aware of how much and where you spend. Many people have benefitted by following three points mentioned below :

  1. Develop : Write down you incomes ( Liquid assets ) and your expenses ( Each one of them ) so you be aware of what’s coming in your pocket and what’s flowing in the river.
  2. Track : Now when you have done step 1, you will see it is hardly matching what’s happening at present. You have analyse everything and stay as close to your data as possible.
  3. Analyse : In your step 1 there might sometimes be extra profit or extra expenditure but at that moment of time you need realise is it actually needed in your life or it was a mistake and fit it.
track your expenses

Track your expenses, manage and analyse what’s important and what not.

3. Invest 50% of every salary increase

One best advice i have heard from each successful entrepreneurs is live like a student work like a president. Meaning of this is when you start earning money in your career, don’t buy things which you can’t afford that is on loan, emi, insurance, expensive stuff etc. Rather spending that money , invest parts of it for passive income.

It’s all about live few more years like a student, hard work and invest your money for your better future.

Why didn't they teach me this in school?  : Invest 50% of every salary increase

Live like you are a Student for few more years after graduating.

4. Develop and maintain a good credit score

According to the author you always have to maintain a good credit score. It will help you when you need a mortgage, you will get favourable interest rates and getting a job, renting a room will become lot easier.

You can do this buy paying out your emi early, never use more than 35% of your card limit, avoid buying on credit and automate your payments so you never forget.

Why didn't they teach me this in school?  : develop a good credit score.

Get your credit score correct. Pay of the emi early.

5. Pick your partner like you pick your stocks – Carefully and with Consideration.

Warren buffet says an investor invests in a limited number of companies in their career so also if some fails others have a good chance to succeed but that doesn’t work in a marriage.

One bad decision can change your life for a few weeks, months or years which could also effect your professional work career and your wealth. You knows it better and also you have to watch the video to get best knowledge.

Why didn't they teach me this in school? : pick your partner wisely

Just Ooh laa laa shouldn’t be the only factor to get married.

These were the five keypoints from which you can learn a lot about life and learn some good values. Hope you will read the book Why didn’t they teach me this in school? to get maximum out of it or watch the video for the same.


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